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Key Differentiators

What sets us apart

With Compare as a Service (CfaaS) powering it, our patent pending technology makes comparing Loan Estimates a breeze.

A Critical Mission

We are on a critical mission to democratize mortgage and make it affordable for everyone.

Loan Estimate Comparison

Ours is the only tool that helps you compare official Loan Estimates NOT pre-credit mortgage offers.

AI to Detect Discrepancies

Our app will catch discrepancies like exorbitant fees, unnecessary charges & much more.

We Bargain
For You

We bargain with lenders & 3rd party providers to get you the best deal.

Key Figures

Our Numbers tell the story


When you Compare 2 LEs


When you Compare 5 LEs


Years of Combined Mortgage Experience


Diverse, Remote-first, Global

Our app is simple to use

Four easy steps will save you time and money!



All you need is a name, email address, and phone number.


Upload Two or More Loan Estimates

Upload the Loan Estimate PDFs to the Confer app



Our app uses AI to present an apples-to-apples fee comparison for your review


Send to Lender

Send your preferred fees to the lender and enjoy up to thousands saved!

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Expert Team

Meet our
industry disrupters

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We’ve got answers.

No - The Confer App is 100% free to use - there are no ads, no subscriptions, and no hidden costs to the borrower.
The results are available within minutes of requesting the comparison.
The comparison of up to three Loan Estimates are sent directly to you via the mobile app.
Up to three unique Loan Estimates can be uploaded to the app at any point in time.
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Our App at a Glance

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